Contact us
Publishers with at least five titles in print, a program of at least two new titles a season, and interest in distribution, please send a complete catalog or link to your website, along with representative
samples to:
David Wexler, EVP of Sales
Lerner Publisher Services
241 1st Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Please also let us know what genres you publish, where you currently sell your books (e.g. trade, libraries, classrooms, gift stores, etc.), if you currently have a distributor, and how many titles you
plan to publish each season.
Our distribution acquisitions committee meets regularly and we’ll contact you as soon as we’ve determined if your titles fit on our list.
Customer Service and Warehouse
1251 Washington Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55401-1036

Phone: 612-332-3344
Fax: 612-215-6230
Orders: 800-328-4929