As a distribution partner, Lerner Publisher Services also offers the following services:
  • eBook sales and distribution
  • Collateral materials for use during sales
  • Website catalog listings, searchable on a
    wide variety of fields, plus a designated
    link to a listing of all of your titles available
    through Lerner Publisher Services
  • Hyperlink from our Website to yours
  • Display your books in targeted direct mail
    materials, such as trade and educational
    catalogs - as appropriate
  • Display your books and promotional materials
    at market-appropriate industry conferences
Our order and fulfillment services save you time
  • Let us take care of your fulfillment,
    shipping, and return services so you can
    focus all of your resources on developing
    excellent products.
  • Our computer and warehousing systems
    help to ship your orders quickly and accurately.
  • We offer account administration by tracking
    all orders and transactions.
  • Your products will be stored in our modern,
    clean, and dry warehouse.
  • You will receive a monthly sales/stock report
    showing sales activity and current inventory.
  • We assume risk for collections. Regardless of
    customer terms, distribution clients are paid
    in 60 days.
Print and eBook Production, Editorial and Design Services:
We offer complete graphic design and self-publishing services, including:
  • PDF creation and
    conversion to eBooks
  • Editing
  • Illustrating
  • Book and Cover Design
  • Prepress
  • Printing and Binding
  • Scanning
  • F&Gs and bound galleys
  • We specialize in guaranteed
    library bindings
  • Other production services as requested